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Colorado Springs, CO., June 18, 2016- Academy Art & Frame Company invites the community to join them for their 3rd annual parking lot party, this year’s June Extravaganza . The monthly artist reception will feature artist and illustrator Linda McGowan in her exhibit “The Power of Line.” The show will hang June 1-30 th . In addition, the June Extravaganzawill have local artists’ booths; face painting, food from Smokin’ J’s BBQ food truck and much more. The festivities and reception start at 11 am and will conclude at 4pm Saturday, June 18 th , 2016 at Academy Art & Frame Company 7560 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

The June Extravaganzais for everybody! It has grown beyond just an artist reception with a party in the parking lot and special discounts. This year it will host 12 artist booths with local art on display, face painting by KatyBird Face Painting and returning for their second year the bubble fairy, Silver Mist, and her friends from Columbine and Company, Inc., Santa and Mrs. Claus, and Smokin’ J’s BBQ truck. As a special thank you to our patron’s and customers, Kim Costello, managing partner of AAFC, is giving away 50 meal vouchers for Smokin’ J’s BBQ to the first 50 customers.

Just inside the front doors of the gallery is the silent auction; be sure to bid on one of the beautiful pieces donated by the artists renting the booths. After your hearty walk through the parking lot and meeting our monthly artist Linda McGowan, be sure to continue your stroll through the rest of the gallery where you will see work by over 200 local artists with the High School Ceiling Tiles above. And on display for a ONE DAY EXPO is the artwork of AAFC’s Student Artists. See the emerging talent of neighbors and friends and talk to the teachers and students about techniques and experiences, and then find out how to become a student.

Once to the back of the gallery you will see the angled side walls where the Featured AAFC Artists are displayed. These walls are a special tribute to the consignment artists that truly go above and beyond to support AAFC. May’s featured AAFC Artist was watercolorist Steve Castle and his work will display through June. June’s Featured AAFC Artist is Gregory Kelley who is highly skilled in digital painting. His subject matter is broad but Kelley does specialize in imagery of the Air Force Academy. Kelley’s work will hang through July.

After all this walking it is quite certain you will work up an appetite, so head back to the parking lot to Smokin’ J’s BBQ truck and enjoy a delicious, hot barbeque sandwich. So get here early and grab your voucher on your way through the gallery. (Don’t worry; there will be enough food for everyone.)
And last but not least…like free stuff and discounts? Enter the drawings for your chance to win free art and look through the remnant materials that will be greatly reduced in price.


There is a Silent Auction, going on now till the end of the Extravaganza on Saturday, June 18th at 4 pm. The artists participating in the Artist Fair kindly donated items to raise money to offset the expenses of Academy Art & Frame Company for hosting the event. It is tremendous to be able to have many artists joining us who are well established in the art scene here in Colorado Springs, as well as introducing to you new talent in the area. We are very thankful for the generosity of each of our artists.

“249TATTOO”- Bobby Silvestri is an Ink & Marker artist as well as being a very fine tattooist. He has donated #13 “A Tattoo Design & Tattoo Done in a 2 Hour Session”, a $200 value.

“ASPEN LEAF PHOTOGRAPHY”- Hal Lohmeyer specializes in Newborn, Baby, Family and High School Senior Portraits within the studio or on location. Also offering Product, Fine Art, and Real Estate Photo Services. He has donated #14 “Complete Portrait Session” for a family, individual or children with a printing package, a $125 Value.

CLAUDIA BLACKSTONEmakes baby blankets in professional team colors, along with other baby items. She has donated #7 a “Rockies Baby Blanket”, a $25 value.

“COLORADO PHOTOGRAPHY LEARNING GROUP”- The CPLG provides an open, friendly learning environment for photographers, from beginners to experts, through classes, workshops, lectures and location shoots. Their mission is to create positive experiences and enhances people’s lives through photography. CPLG was started by Colorado Springs photographer, Mike Pach, in August of 2010 and has grown to include chapters in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo with currently 1850 members. CPLG consists of and is led by members of all experience levels, from working professionals to beginners, and includes a tremendous amount of talented individuals who are willing to share their knowledge. Membership is free!” CPLG has donated four Sessions of #4 “3 Peak’s Photography’s Weekend Classes” a value of $150.

CHRIS ENGELHARDTa young family man, who is able to create artistic pieces out of metal and horseshoes that also can be very functional. You must stop by the gallery to see his metal rose, and yes, it does have the aroma of roses. He has donated #12 “Horseshoe Wine Holder”, valued at $75.

ELANE GRAVESwho lives north of Colorado Springs, has been a member of many photography groups and actually is a coordinator of photo-shoot outings for one of them. As an emerging artist, she continues to learn and explore new techniques and styles to bring her vision of nature to life. She has donated a very patriotic piece, just in time for July 4th, #5 “For Love of Country” photo, $40 value.

LISA KASTELICis a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and is very passionate about preserving memories with photography. She specializes in portraits for families, children, babies, maternity and pets but if you have a special request please don’t hesitate to contact her for more info. A military spouse, Lisa has done her photography in many different locations. She is a member of the “Colorado Photography Learning Group” and has entered local art exhibitions with the group. One of her joys is taking portrait photography. She has donated #3 “One Photo Shoot” Photography, valued at $150.

KATYBIRD FACE PAINTING, Katy Cusik does face painting for children, adult, and community events such as churches, businesses, fund raisers or private parties. She is a talented photographer participating in many shows and exhibitions. She has donated one of her photographic pieces, #11 “Celtic Cross”, valued at $125.

MICHAEL MALTA was a monthly exhibition artist in January 2016 that was held at Academy Art & Frame Company. He has entered many exhibitions and shows within the Colorado Springs art community. Michael says, “Creating art is a passion that I have grown up with and I continue to strive for excellence in my work. I’m inspired by the great artists of the past and try to live up to the quality they have established.” Please come into the gallery to see his oil still life and his charcoal portrait. Michael has donated a Fine Art Print on Velvet Paper of his latest work, #8 “Passion”, valued at $75.

SHERRI MOORE is a self-taught, award-winning watercolor artist. If you ask her what her passion is she’ll say without any hesitation, “Painting!” Sherri paints just about every genre and has experience with many mediums, such as oil, acrylic and china painting. She is teaching “Introduction to Watercolor Painting” at Academy Art & Frame Company. Sherri loves teaching her passion to others who are interested in the intriguing medium of watercolor. One of the the things you’ll hear her say when teaching a watercolor class is, “Get the paper wet! Trust me you’re not going to drown.” Her donation to the Silent Auction is #10 “One 4 Hour Watercolor Class”, valued at $50.

PATSY MUIR RAY is an award-winning artist, that is teaching “Pastel Art” Classes and One Day Workshops at Academy Art & Frame Company. With the exception of a community art class, that is the extent of her art education, yet not the end of her growth as a pastel artist. Few people are blessed with the natural ability to accurately perceive and then so beautifully draw and paint that perception. Patsy is one of those rare individuals. These gifts are what enables her to paint the most critically important subject- the human face. “My appreciation for the unique and the beautiful is rivaled only by my passion for painting the unique and beautiful. And I want my appreciation to be memorialized with the passion I have for an interpretation that not only accurately reflects the subject, but is also rich and vibrant in both composition and color.” Patsy hasdonated her pastel painting, #1 “God’s Rock Concert” valued at $490.

TERESA ROBINSON has been a jewelry artisan for almost a decade, from deciding to take a class at an art store to learn to make jewelry to now designing her own pieces. Teresa entered the gallery with her jewelry and immediately captured the attention of all the ladies working there with the beauty of her art. You will see Academy Art & Frame Company ladies wearing her fine pieces. She has donated #6 “Psychedelic Swirl” Round Pendant Necklace, valued at $22.

LANA SMITH is not only a very talented photographer but also shares her artistic talent through music. When you ask her what makes her different from the average piano instructor, her reply is “ I am not a part time teacher. I have devoted my life to music and teaching piano. As a full time piano teacher, I have a Master’s degree in music, with 25 years of full time teaching experience. I teach a unique combination of American and European methods. I love teaching children; however, the piano will help develop brain connections at any age. My students range in age from the gifted home schooled students as young as 5 to inspired adults. One of my brightest students started playing piano at the age of 77.” She is offering from “Lana’s Music Studio”- #2 “Two Piano Lessons”, valued at $60.

JONI WARE says “I grew up in Hollywood, California. Most of my formal art training took place at Hollywood High School where I studied under a great painter by the name of Mary Jo Koosmann. Following high school, I married Jim, moved to Colorado and raised and home schooled six children. Now with my youngest in college, I am painting again. My favorite things to paint are landscapes, animals, and people in a realistic style. Joni has donated “Bessie The Cow”, $150 value.

Monthly Exhibition Artist

Linda McGowan Artist Statement:

If I were to put into one word, that which best explains my art, it would be expression. But then, I have to admit my art is abstracted —a step beyond realism into a realm of fantasy, color and line.

Abstracted Expression

But, in it all, each piece calls attention to its creation. The person (the model) behind my art is a functional part of my passion and used to express my soul in a way that I find hard to explain. My art is a visual idiom of me; a piece of the gestalt of an exploring psyche—a continuous journey of the soul—my soul, my life, my action. Nothing else matters but my expression.

“Good grief, Charlie Brown! Be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong.” ~ Snoopy

Artists and Businesses presenting in conjunction with Academy Art & Frame Company:

249 Tattoos
Aspen Leaf Photography
Claudia Blackstone
Teri Atkins Brown ***(AAFC Art Teacher)
Colorado Photography Learning Group
Columbine & Company, Inc.
Christopher Engelhardt
Elane Graves
Lisa Kastelic
KatyBird Face Painting
Gregory Kelley (Featured AAFC Artist)
Men’s Wearhouse
Michael Malta
Linda McGowan (Monthly Exhibition Artist)
Sherri Moore (***AAFC Art Teacher)
Patsy Muir Ray (***AAFC Art Teacher)
Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus
Smokin’ J’s BBQ
Teresa Robinson
Lana Smith
Joni Ware

***Showing with the students of AAFC Art Classes in a ONE DAY EXPO