• 7560 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO

Chris’s work will be on display Oct. 8 thru Dec. 7, 2018. Meet the artist at the 3rd Friday Receptions on Oct. 19th and Nov. 16th 4-8pm.

“I started taking pictures in high school both for personal interest and as one of the school photographers using a bellows style sheet film camera, processing these photos in the darkroom. After completing my electrical engineering degree at the University of Minnesota, I joined the Air Force in 1971. Shortly after that, I upgraded to a 35mm Mamiya-SekorAutoXTL film camera which I largely used for interesting landscapes, macros and other unique subjects. My subsequent education, formal and corporate, has had a side benefit of further fueling and enabling my approach to my photography.

I had always been intrigued by the works of the various photography exhibits I had the opportunity to see and by the techniques they used. My photography skills have been primarily self-taught with the help of the newly published (at the time) Peterson’s Photographic magazine (1970’s-1980’s). This had offered a great deal of technical and composition tutorials to amateurs and professionals alike.

The advent of the digital world didn’t change my photography subject interest, but it did open many new avenues to explore the new capabilities now available to the digital media. Mixed with my interests in personal computing tools, post processing images also has offered a fun expression. After retiring, I have more time to explore this world.

Until recently, my photography has been an expression for my personal use and as a utility for the family needs. Now I find that I can use it as a tool to illuminate dynamics of the heart and to encourage others in some small way. Like so many of the arts, this venue of photography pushes the photographer and the viewer to look at the grand things differently and to see small things in new ways.

My current employment here at Academy Art and Frame has provided the opportunity to display my work for others to enjoy and continue to receive coaching and encouragement through this expression of the arts world. For these folks I am very grateful.
Photography has been and continues to be an adventure that is threaded through my entire life in a quest to ‘learn the light’.”