“I grew up in Hollywood, California. Most of my formal art training took place in high school under an artist by the name of Mary Jo Koosmann. I always enjoyed drawing but my passion for art grew during my high school years and I would often go home from school to spend six or more hours in my bedroom painting.
Following high school, I married Jim, moved to Colorado and raised and homeschooled six children. Painting was not a priority during these busy years. When my youngest began public high school, I had a renewed desire, along with time to pursue my art.
I like to paint landscapes, animals and people in a realistic style. There is so much beauty in this world! I have barely begun to scratch the surface of what I want to portray. I love painting different aspects of sunlight- in the way it changes a landscape. Cows and sheep are also favorite subjects of mine.
My works have been shown in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Newport Beach, California.”

Joni’s work will be on display from October 7 through December 7, 2017. She will be joining us for the 3rd Friday Receptions on October 20 and November 17, 4-8pm.