• 7560 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO

“I retired from the practice of Pharmacy about 5 years ago and had practiced for 37 years. When I was living on Wahsatch Ave. in Colorado Springs, my next door neighbor, Alex Hamilton, was making a living from stained glass. One day I wandered over to his place and said “What are you doing?” Alex said “I cut the glass with a glass cutter; I grind the sharp edges with a grinder; I assemble the pieces on the pattern; after foiling them with copper foil, I solder everything together.” This was all the instruction that he gave me and it served me well for the next 30 years. I gave most of my early efforts to my family. I was a member of the GAPPR (Glass Artists of the Pikes Peak Region) until they disbanded. I do stained glass because each piece offers m a challenge and it keeps my mind sharp. I have 4 wonderful children (adults now) Lisa, Michael, Phillip and Gabriel and 5 Grandsons-the twins from Lisa-Zachary and Cayden; Phin and Sabin from Michael and Melanie, and Antonio from Molly and Phillip. I enjoy watching Jeopardy and this also keeps my mind occupied.”

Mike’s stained glass pieces will be on display from February 8, 2018 until April 7, 2018. You can meet Mike at the 3rd Friday Receptions on February 16th and March 16, 2018 4-8pm. Refreshments will be served.