• 7560 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO

“Art has been a passion of mine since I was a child. As I changed and the world around me evolved, so has my relationship with art. Creative expression has taken many forms over the years: poetry, pottery, wood burning, painting and random crafting cycle through my life. I use art as a positive way to cope, inspire, get my feelings out when I can’t find words, to calm me down and energize me.

As an adult I began working with children that have disabilities, been abused and have been traumatized. Art was something that I could share with them. For many years I taught kids how art could empower them and encouraged them to use their creativity as a life survival skill and as a safe escape.
A few years ago, my busy life moved into a calm phase. For the first time, I have taken a step back from focusing on others needs and have taken care of myself. I have taken art back as my own and began painting again after many years and rediscovered my raw passion to create. I have never tied myself down with any one style…. My style changes with my moods. My medium changes every time I see the work of another artist that challenges me or when the world around me shifts. I hope I never stop learning new techniques and skills. I intend to keep pushing myself as an artist and to leave my mark in this world by teaching children about the limitless power that art can bring into their lives.”

Nicole’s work will be on display through November 7, 2018. Join us at the 3rd Friday Receptions on September 21 and October 19, 4-8 pm to meet the artist.