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Collected Works by Darcy Lee Marquis

Bring some beauty and whimsy to your artsy senses by joining us on November 16, 2018 for our 3rd Friday Reception 4-8 pm for Darcy Lee Marquis, an acrylic, oil, and colored pencil artist. Her work will be on display throughout the month until December 31st.

A native of Colorado Springs, Darcy Lee (nee Miller) Marquis is a life-long artist particularly known for her exquisite watercolor technique and often whimsical subjects. Her pen and ink work also has earned high praise.
Her career as an artist began at an early age. As she tells it, “My parents sent me to Bemis School of Art when I was quite young. There I met a force of nature named Helen Owens. She was larger than life with a passion for art and a sparkling personality. I am still influenced and in awe of this lively lady.”
Of her higher education in art, Marquis remarked, “My poor timing in college still haunts me… I arrived in the middle of the non-objective and abstract period but my heart belonged to Charles Russell, Renoir and David.
“For four years I was a fish out of water in my art classes, drawing squares on canvas and using rulers to make portraits for the professors while I dreamed of painting flesh like Ingres and fabrics like Holbein.”
Marquis graduated with degrees in art, history and drama. Putting her additional degree in education to work, she spent several years in Arizona.
“My husband’s Gypsy blood took us to jobs on the Apache and Navajo reservations where I also taught and was influenced by those rich Southwestern cultures.
“My teaching experience included college continuing education classes at places as diverse as Fort Lewis College in Durango, Hila Pueblo College, and in Globe, Arizona, in a place called Six Shooter Canyon—I kid you not,” she laughed.
Marquis added, “Working Closely with Apaches, Hopis, Navajos and Utes was an extraordinary experience. It developed my love for the rich colors and patterns in Native American Art, as well as a respect for the philosophy that everyone is an artist in their own way.”
Marquis continued, “My husband’s death brought me back home to my family in Colorado Springs where I taught in public school. During this time I began traveling with Joyce Webb and teaching through her classes for the Colorado School of Mines continuing education program. I have been fortunate enough to make multiple trips in the great cities of Europe, and to teach and lead tours of the incredible museums of those cities. My degrees in art, history, speech and drama give me a unique view of teaching and creating.”
In addition, Marquis is an art instructor at the Colorado Springs Senior Center. Her offerings include a variety of hands-on techniques and media as well as art history and theory.
She has completed many commissions from private citizens including portraits, illustration and commercial art as well as fine art.
More of her art can be seen on Marquis’ website at MysteryMouseArt.com.