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October is ARTS MONTH!! And it is also Academy Art & Frame Company’s benefit month. Each year along with Arts Month, we put a donation of sales from the current show towards an organization of the artists’ choice. This year, the artists and AAFC will be donating 10% each of their proceeds from sales during the show back to the Sheppard Arts Institute.

Our 3rd Friday Artists Reception is October 20, from 4-7 p.m. and the show will hang throughout the month of October.

The Sheppard Arts Institute was established by artist Kang Lee Sheppard to provide art classes to members of the Pikes Peak Region.  The classes, taught by local and regional artists, have included topics such as: The Four Gentlemen: Asian Art; Free Form Watercolors; Abstract Painting; Oil Painting; and Introduction to the Art of Ikebana.

The students included in this show have studied at the Institute and with Kang Lee at her art studio.  Their diverse works include Asian art on rice paper with sumi-ink, watercolors, charcoal drawings, pastels, acrylic and oil paintings.

For more information about the Institute contact Kang Lee at: 719-282-2706

By Gayle Berardi

by Gayle Berardi

By Gayle Berardi