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We are pleased to feature the artwork of Shawn Ho in his first solo exhibit. It has been a great pleasure seeing him grow in his art style and being able to offer him this opportunity. Come by the gallery throughout September to see his work. Shawn will be on location at the 3rd Friday Reception Sept. 18, 3-7 p.m. If you are staying home you can watch a video from Shawn and about our two shows on our YouTube page and on our website. Please subscribe!

Finding the Vanishing Memory

“In the spring of 2016, my family called long distance from my hometown in Taiwan to tell me about my Grandma’s passing. During that conversation, we also discussed how her house and her whole 1940’s era village will be demolished in the coming years. Later…I fell asleep and seemed to have a dream of my grandma and her village.

“In the dream, my wife and I were driving somewhere in Colorado but the outside scene started changing to the green field that is nearby Grandma’s village. In the dream, we saw Grandma smiling and heard her puppy barking in the front yard. In the dream, we enjoyed the leisure moments when we walked around the entire village. In the dream, Grandma was delighted to see every family member spending time together at her house into the calm night; then I awoke.

“I stopped doing visual arts for many years… After I woke up from the cherished dream, I told my wife how… I wanted to paint or draw about my grandma and her village, to find the vanished memory. My wife simply responded to me that I should do it now.”

9th Annual Miniature and Small Works Show

It’s our itsy, bitsy, teeny tiny show!!!

Our annual Miniature and Small Works Show will be on display throughout the month of September. Join us and approximately 17 artists for the 3rd Friday Reception on September 18, from 3-7 pm. This is a judged show and prizes and awards for each category will be handed out at about 6 pm.


Parking Lot Art Party #4

Artist Booths, Demos and hopefully a food truck!