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Unicorn and the Master’s Glory
Book Signing and Art Exhibit by Linda McGowan

The story begins on a world that has no existence until the Master blows life into it and creates one living beast. His name is Unicorn. This world is not like our world today. It’s a colorless world with all the magic of life glistening in Unicorn’s horn.

Unicorn is sad as he has no one to share his life. And as he moves about the earth, he is torn. The Master sees Unicorn’s sadness and does something magical, but the Master is concerned for the welfare of his earth.

Join us on June 21st, 4 pm- 8 pm for our 3rd Friday Reception, to discover the magical journey of Unicorn into the creation of the earth and get your personal children’s book signed by the artist. The original watercolors will be on display throughout June. Both the story and the art were created by Linda McGowan.


Linda McGowan began her love for writing in college where she graduated in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in fine art. In 2004 she received her Master’s degree in curriculum and design and spent 17 years, 1996 to 2013, teaching art, photography and graphic design in several Colorado junior colleges as well as art appreciation at Adams State College in Alamosa. She also worked with the Boys & Girls Clubs in Alamosa and Buena Vista where she taught art, photography and storytelling. She struggled between children, work and remaining active in the arts, but as her children reached adulthood, she found more opportunity to engage in her creativity and storytelling.

Unicorn and the Master’s Glory has been a long time coming. It started as a senior computer art project in her last year of college in 1995. It was not easy finding time to recreate this children’s book in watercolor while juggling kids, a job (sometimes 2 or 3) and a business. But with the turn of the century came more time for artwork and exhibits and a book that was published in 2001 called Lame Johnny Creek. Unicorn and the Master’s Glory stayed on the back burner until a few years ago. It began with a push from her children to “get it done!” It has taken her a couple years to finish the watercolors and fine tune the poetry.

During her teaching at both the colleges and the Club, Linda found that telling stories was most gratifying, even more so than her drawing or painting. As time continues to fly and retirement is not far ahead, Linda plans on spending her time on storytelling with art as an emphasis.