• 7560 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO

Vinda G Robison has dabbled in art and design since she was a young girl. She created her own clothing for years until 1990 when she made her first quilt. She started making art quilts in 1994, loves manipulating fabric and patterns and changing them to her whims. She paints on fabric for her quilts and loves making realistic images to fit her ideas. She has won several awards for her Art Quilts, with eight having been on national tours.
She started working with acrylic paints with her first Flight Aluminum butterfly in 2014 and loves that she has been able to make it work. In 2014, she started Doodling based on the Zentangle art format. Using Ink and Pencil she creates images filled in with whimsical patterns and designs using her imagination. In 2015 she won two awards in a judged show for two of her VinDoodle pieces. She continues to learn, teach, and create new treasures expressing her art in quilts and VinDoodle renderings.